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 General Company Information
(This information is used for a "Power of Attorney" form or "General Agency Agreement" which allows use to act on your behalf with the Canada Border Services Agency)

Company Name
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Postal Code
Phone Number
Fax Number
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Additional Contact Information
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Dawson Creek
Prince George


Credit Information
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General Payment by VISA/Mastercard GST to Receiver General
Terms and Agreement Terms and Agreement Terms and Agreement
You can apply for a credit limit. Payment is expected within 14 days of the invoice being mailed.


Your VISA/Mastercard account will be debited at month-end for outstanding invoices.


This option is available to companies that are incorporated or limited only. Two statements will be issued near month end -- one for the amount payable to the Receiver General and the other to Summit Customs Brokers. These cheques must be received 2 business days prior to the end of the month.
Credit Limit Required

Credit Limit Required

Estimated Average Monthly GST


Master Carrier Authority
(Please choose one option -- if you choose Ports Listed Below please enter the ports at which you would like us to act as your broker. This will generate a form that authorizes carriers to turn over documents to us for your shipments.)

All Ports in Canada
All Ports in BC
Ports Listed Below


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