Small Parcel Service

Summit provides  a services for importing "small parcels" for delivery in the Greater Vancouver region or in the Okanagan areas of British Columbia.SUMMIT CUSTOMS BROKERS PICK-UP AND DELIVERY HINO (49954 bytes)

Key Benefits

If your supplier ships for free within the United States you can have the goods shipped to our warehouse in the United States and for a nominal fee have them delivered to you in Canada.

The goods are generally delivered the next business day after they are received at our warehouse. Depending on the circumstances we can arrange to have the goods picked up the same day.

When your supplier ships to this address the shipments are cleared through customs and delivered -- there are no extra steps for you.

I can not tell a lie -- there are times when your shipment will be delayed -- this is usually because the documents are not attached to the boxes when we get them. You can avoid this problem by making sure we have an invoice before the shipment gets here.